Welcome to my Christian Detox. It’s nice to have you along the journey.

What you’re about to read are a series of blogs I’ve decided to write for my own motivation, to keep me pushing through doubt in pursuit of truth and to carve out my own set of beliefs rather than inheriting them or letting conditioning, culture or conformity define them for me.

I’m doing this because I need to know my convictions aren’t rooted in default or learned behaviour from an environment I’ve never stepped out of. Because if I’m saying this is real, I have to know it’s real.

So I’m leaning into the spike of doubt and putting my Christianity through the fire to see what remains. It may sound brutal, but so goes the purification process. And if my belief can’t stand the education of other ‘truths’, then for me it’s not worth believing.

The unexamined belief is not worth believing.

Any offerings of wisdom or insight along the way are so welcome. There’s no judgment here.

Here’s where to start: In The Beginning

Love, Red Raven
(May 7, 2014)


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